Manager: Brandon M.

First Season: 2003
Years in league: 8
Championships: 1
Top Four ($$$) Finishes: 4




Team Name















Bob Loblah’s Bombers



One and Done?






Jerricurl Wonderkind



Scrantonicity’s Michael Scott Memorial Dundies (MVP):

2010: Roy Halladay- Big first year all the way around- Draft-day deal straight up for Tulo nets me the N.L. Cy Young and the first Scrantonicity no-hitter in the books.


2009: Albert Pujols- In a season where my offense kept me out of the basement, Pujols leads the way with yet another N.L. MVP season.


2008: Cliff Lee- Early season free agent pick up kept producing, won the AL Cy Young and unfortunately still Scrantonicity was a non-believer- he and his 0 keeper points were not kept in ’09.


2007: Brandon Phillips- my 19th Round selection came through with a Keeper worthy year.


2006: Ryan Howard- No Philly bias here- this was your N.L. MVP!


2005: Albert Pujols- Can you say three-peat?.


2004: Albert Pujols- A year worthy of naming my championship team’s name after him- MVPujols.


2003: Albert Pujols- My rookie year might have been Albert’s individual best.


Toby’s Teasers (Least Valuable Players):

2010: Kevin Youklis- I deal for this oft-injured superstar a week before he goes on the D.L. for the rest of the season- giving up Carl Crawford in the deal takes me out of the running for what could have been a championship year.


2009: The entire pitching staff- Cole Hamels, Dice K & Mike Pelfrey, in particular, wasn’t quite the impressive top of rotation starters that I envisioned them on draft day


2008: Carl Crawford- I once again make the Vogel swap, get the first pick of the post-keeper draft, clear Mr. Crawford’s keeper points, and he has his first dud of a season, stealing only 25 Bases and hitting only 8 Home Runs.  The worst part is that I chose to keep him over David Wright in a trade at one point.


2007: Rich Harden- Can you say DL?- 25 Innings doesn’t cut it for a fantasy starter


2006: Randy Johnson- Big Unit’s Big ERA- 5.00


2005: My bullpen combo of Keith Foulke, Jose Mesa & Jorge Julio- My 7th place demise should have been so obvious- who’s goes with this kind of bullpen?


2004: Andruw Jones- Tough to single anyone out in my championship year- Andruw definitely had an off year with only a .261 Avg and 29 taters


2003: Pat Burrell- Pat the Bat- as in he was holding the bat when strike three blew past him the whole season: .209 Avg

Creed’s Transactions of the Year (So good they might seem shady):


2010: Sorry Amato- early season deal where Scrantonicity received Chris Carpenter for Javier Vazquez never did balance out for the Yankee collector.


2009: Grabbing Troy Tulowitski in the 11th round is looking like a nice keeper worthy move going into 2010.


2008: Taking Cliff Lee from the Free Agent scrap heap, and watching him win the A.L. Cy Young.


2007: Scrantonicity gets Josh’s 1st overall pick for his 1st pick in exchange for a swap of subsequent 5th and 7th round picks.  Scrantonicity then allows Albert Pujols to drop as a non-keeper, selects him with the first overall pick- thus resetting his keeper points.