Manager: Dylan C.

First Season: 2000
Years in league: 12
Championships: 4
Top Four Finishes: 8


Team History:

Year Finish
2011 1st
2010 2nd
2009 11th
2008  1st
2007  5th
2006 2nd
2005 1st
2004 2nd
2003 4th
2002 1st
2001 6th
2000 9th

Kryptonite's Employee of the Year (MVP):

2011: In another banner year, co-MVPs Jose Bautista (105-43-103-9-.302 in a down year for 3B) and Ryan Braun (109-33-111-33-.332) carried my squad during the second consecutive year of the pitcher.  Honorable mentions to the mulleted one, Jared Weaver (235 innings, 18 wins, 2.41 ERA and 1.01 WHIP), and Mike Napoli (30 HR at catcher in just 369 ABs).

2010: The undisputed MVP is Jose Bautista, April waiver pickup, who delivered a line of 109-54-124-9-.260 at 3B.  Terrible draft + 54 HR off the waiver wire = 2nd place.

2009: Ryan Braun was the bright spot in my worst-ever season with a stellar 113 runs, 32 homers, 114 RBI, 20 SBs, and .320 average.

2008: I drafted Ervin Santana in the 26th round with the 305th pick. He won 16 games, had a 3.49 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP with 214 Ks.  I picked up Carlos Quentin off of waivers and he hit 36 dingers with 100 RBIs and 7 SBs.  Co-MVPs.

2007: I hate to keep denying Jose Reyes, but while his 119 runs and 78 steals were great, Ryan Braun has to take the MVP award for his Hall-of-Fame like production (Highest SLG %, OPS, and OPS+ of any first-year player in the modern era).

2006: Despite Jose Reyes' awesomeness I'll give it to Jonathan Papelbon who had 35 saves, 75 Ks, a 0.92 ERA and a 0.78 WHIP, was picked in the 20th round and had SP, RP eligibility.

2005: Tough pick on a Championship year as my roster was stacked, but I'll give it to Andruw Jones for hitting 51 dingers to go along with 128 RBI, a steal in the 9th round.

2004: Ben Sheets for his 264 Ks, 2.70 ERA and .98 WHIP in 237 innings picked in the 25th round of the draft.

2003: in '03 year it was a tie between Carlos Delgado's 117-42-145-.302 year and Pedro Martinez's 206 K, 2.22 ERA, 1.04 WHIP.

2002: Pedro Martinez's ridiculous 20 W, 239 K, 2.26 ERA and .92 WHIP in 199 Innings propelled Kryptonite to my first Championship (thanks Josh).

2001: Ryan Klesko's roid-fueled 105-30-113-23 .286 line after I picked him up off of free agency.

2000: I'll give it to one of the lone bright spots on my squad that year, Mo Vaughn, for his 36 HR and 117 RBI, which were actually pretty stock and standard numbers in the steroid years.

LVP (Least Valuable Players):

2011: Not too many duds in this stellar draft.  My worst picks were Alexei Ramirez 98th overall and Matt Thornton at 113.  So them.

2010: Too many to name just one. My 6th round pick (Jonathan Broxton), 8th (Carlos Pena), 9th (Scott Baker), 11th (Trevor Hoffman), 12th (Jose Lopez), 14th (Nate McClouth), and 15th round picks (Rich Harden) were all awful.  How did I get 2nd place?  (Answer: Jose Bautista).

2009: Brad Lidge cost me a 7th round pick and had to have one of the worst season's ever for a closer that didn't lose his job.  He was 0-8 with a 7.21 ERA and 1.81 WHIP.  He did manage 31 saves, but the damage that he did to my ratios buried me.

2008: I traded Cole Hamels for Erik Bedard.  It's kind of amazing that I won despite that. Erik Bedard is one of my least favorite players ever.

2006: Andruw Jones / Vernon Wells: the twin pillars of suck.  Wells coming off of a contract year seemed to just give up, and Jones didn't produce at all in his own contract year.  I was expecting 50 dingers but would have settled for at least his career averages. Jones hit .222 over 572 ABs! These two cost me a 6th straight year "in the money".

2006: Hank Blalock for forgetting how to hit, completely.  My 6th rounder.

2005: In this Championship year, I didn't have any huge busts, but I did gamble a 10th round pick on Justin Morneau, who finished with a dissapointing .239 average and did less than the previous year (power-wise) in almost twice as many ABs.  (Dis)-Honorable mention to Mike Lowell for his steroid-testing adjustment year.

2004: How did I finish 2nd this year?  I don't know, because I had disappointing seasons from Mark Prior, Mark Mulder, Vernon Wells, Richie Sexson, and Garret Anderson.  In other words, my 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks were all Busts.  I'll give LVP to Sexson (5th round pick) for playing only 23 games with a .233 average.

2003: Torii Hunter followed an awesome year 30/20 year with a .250 average and stole 6 bases after taking 23 the year before.  Also I took him only a few picks before Gary Sheffield, who had a monster year.

2002: None.  This team was a bunch of goddamned winners through and through.

2001: Mark McGwire, somehow I picked Big Mac in the 3rd round(!) for his last season, where he hit .187 and played only 87 games.  He did have a stellar 1 per 10 HR/AB ratio.  This one was my bad for picking him so high, guess I just wanted to see some dingers.

2000: My first year in the league, I used my early first round #1 pick on Kevin Millwood.  Yuck.  He followed up his 18 Win, 2.68 ERA 1999 season with a 4.66 ERA and only 10 wins.  Have always hated him in fantasy since.

Most regrettable team decision:

Picked up some unknown off of waivers named Albert Pujols during his rookie year, dropped him at the end of April.  I figured his hot start was a fluke and picked up a middle reliever (I believe it was Kerry Lightenburg) instead.

Fun facts:

Did not draft Darryl Kile the year that he died.

Traded Mike Lowell for Ryan Braun.